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How to Make a Man Ejaculate

How to Make a Man Ejaculate

Making a man ejaculate is not difficult. In fact some men ejaculate from little more than a soft breeze. Chances are that you didn’t come here to learn about men who can cum at the drop of a hat. You want to know more. Maybe you want some insight on how the penis really works. Maybe you would like to know how to cause your man to have a pleasure experience with you that makes him cum really hard!

Whatever your reason, this site is dedicated to How to Make a Man Ejaculate, Ejaculation; How it works, what you can do, and most importantly really deep, really intense, and really satisfying male orgasms.

To better serve your immediate interests, please choose a topic that most interests you right now.

Our Ejaculation Animation shows you an inside view of the process of erection, multiple orgasm, trial ejaculation, and ultimately final ejaculation.

Male Sensual Massage Preparation Ejaculation is the culmination of a sequence of events and milestones. There are things to consider in preparation of your activity. This video gives you some vital information that will help make things go smoothly for you, and more pleasurably for him. Understanding these basics is the foundation to what we call “Ejaculation on Command.”

Our tutorial series “101 Ways to Drive Your Man Crazy With Your Hands” is a collection of ‘hands on’ instructional videos that show you exactly what to do, how to do it and when to do it. Simply watch the videos them try the techniques on your partner. Or better yet, follow along with the video in real time with your partner. 

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